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Sports Therapy

Sports massage is not exclusive to athletes and those involved in regular sporting activities – it is also a remedial tool to aid the everyday aches, pains and injuries we sustain as our bodies work, rest and play. Office workers suffer from just as much tension and muscle imbalance as footballers, sometimes more! Sports massage incorporates all the aspects of holistic massage but also works on a deeper level to diagnose and correct muscular-skeletal issues which can affect our posture, range of joint movement and physical/emotional tension. 


The application of sports therapy techniques is of incredible benefit to a myriad of muscular-skeletal conditions, from shoulder tension and backache to sciatica and tendonitis. Manual manipulation of the muscles and connective tissues reduces muscular aches and pains, breaks down scar tissue, improves functional, occupational and sports performance, as well as rehabilitating and aiding the prevention of injuries.

"Stay centered, do not overstretch. Extend from your centre, return to your centre."

- Buddha 

Logo original - Copy.jpg